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SofTILE is an exceptionally durable safety surfacing system that locks in place, is vandal resistant, class A fire rate, and provides fall protection ratings that exceed EN safety standards by up to 60%. SofTILE has been engineered with specific features designed to directly address issues associated with excessive maintenance, premature wear, and noncompliance with safety standards. SofTILE carries the industry’s only 10 year warranty for structural integrity and guarantee compliance to the EN 1177 Safety standard.

The success of the SofTILE DuraSAFE brand has been rooted in its ability to offer lower total cost of ownership, performance benchmarks for impact attenuation.

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Design Your Area

DuraFLEX is an interlocking, dual durometer, premium fitness flooring system designed with a focus on four specific properties. DuraFLEX was engineered to maximize comfort, durability, functionality and visual appeal. DuraFLEX has a look and feel that is truly unique. The result of over 15 years of formulation and design modification, DuraFLEX is a product that will exceed your expectations in comfort, durability and visual appeal. Set your facility apart with the innovative look and feel offered only in the DuraFLEX Series of Premium Fitness Flooring.

SofTILE AP is a fresh, innovative and resilient architectural paver used on applications where ballast, protection and visual appeal are primary design considerations. SofTILE AP goes beyond function by creating a truly authentic look and feel to rooftops, patios and terraces. While offering unlimited design potential, SofTILE AP also provides thermal and mechanical protection to the roof membrane. This unique marriage of form and function creates effective use of outdoor spaces above offices, hotels and apartment buildings. SofTILE AP is manufactured from recycle rubber and specially formulated binding agents which are molded into high density, locking pavers. The locking feature coupled with resiliency and color diversity are the unique benefits that have positioned SofTILE AP as the preferred product for rooftop, patio and terrace applications.

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  • SofTile Rubber Safety Tiles for Playgrounds (schools, parks day cares preschools play areas) 
  • SofTile Rubber Safety Tiles Jogging Track Surfaces (Low impact flooring for Running Tracks) 
  • SofTile Rubber Safety Tiles for Fitness Centers and Gyms safety flooring (impact resistant, ideal for gyms with weights)